Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Things To Do When The Sun Is In Scorpio

It's still Scorpio's season and things are far from over. People born under this water element should be making the best out of it. But the sun in Scorpio doesn't only make things favorable for people under this zodiac. There are ways other signs can benefit from it if one only knows the right buttons to push and the right strings to pull. Here are a few tips on what to down the sun is in Scorpio.

Build Trust. How? Keep a secret, well, secret. There's no better way to gain someone's trust (or strengthen it) by letting the other person know you can keep your mouth shut when you need to, or more importantly, when asked. Scorpios are known to be very secretive although they know a lot about the things going on around them. If you're trying to win a specific person's trust you may also share a personal secret. This will make them feel important and confident about the level of your relationship. Just make sure you say this at the right moment. Sometimes, and especially in this case, timing is everything. Doing so will give you greater results. Personally, you'll feel a bit free of this shadow that may have been blocking your sun. Also, the right timing will make your target person feel more sympathetic (or whatever emotion it is you're trying to get from them) towards you. The wrong time might make them turn their backs on you permanently.

Cleanse Yourself. Revealing your secret(s) to someone is liberating and may give you a lighter feeling. Emotionally, it's a way of cleaning out what cobwebs are clogging your chest. And since you're on the subject of cleansing ones self, make it the month to do it the literal way. Pamper yourself by starting to live a healthy lifestyle. Check your diet and figure out what to take to release toxins from your body. Go to a spa and try a relaxing massage to take all your worries away.

Burn Bridges. You can also build a new one. Scorpios are known to be loyal and they have a hard time letting go of people once they get attached. But this zodiac is also the sign of rebirth and regeneration. So this season, burn bridges and and let go of people who throws bad vibes and stick to those who wish to help you keep up with the world. Meet new people and see what comes off it. Chances are, you'll meet a new friend or two who you'll have a deeper and more meaningful. Something that lasts a few life times.

Have Mind Blowing Sex. Scorpios are very sensual and are considered one, if not the only one, of the most sexually talented signs. The mysterious nature of this month adds up to the tension therefore increasing people's performance when they finally get it on. This month, make sure you take advantage of it. Tease a lot, plan the whole seduction set up and go for the kill. This is the month for intense love making.

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