Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Opposite Poles Attract: A Scorpio Female - Virgo Male Relationship

A Scorpio female matched with a Virgo male can be one of the strongest, if not powerful, union you'll ever see. The main reason being they get what they need and what they want from each other. They have their differences but these differences pull them closer together. It is a classic opposite poles attract situation. Here are some of their opposite characteristics that work well in their relationship.
A Scorpio is a spur-of-the-moment type whereas Virgos can be overly critical. In this case, the Virgo is exactly what a Scorpio needs. The Virgo male can stop the Scorpio female from doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants, as long as she feels like it. Not that the Scorpio female is fickle. They are just more driven by their passion and emotions than a carefully planned goal. A Virgo male will do them a favor because they can stop them on their tracks to lay out pros and cons of whatever decision they already made if their Scorpio partner is going way too fast and, more importantly, if they think that there may be unpleasant circumstances due to their decision. It will do the Scorpio woman good to listen. 
A Scorpio is headstrong and devout whereas a Virgo male has a flexible personality and maleable beliefs. In this society it is mostly the male who leads a relationship. This won't work with a Scorpio female, though. Scorpios whether male of female are very dominant. They like getting things their way so matching them with a sign that is exactly like them may pose a problem in the long run. A Virgo male will listen to ideas anytime. They are more flexible and understanding but a Scorpio takes time to understand others beliefs. Another way to look at this is that Virgo men can be slack sometimes and like to depend on others in making important decision. A Scorpio female will not fail them in this matter.
Scorpio females are passion driven whereas Virgos are laid back but very persuasive. Scorpio women have goals and they have long-term plans but they are also subjective and being that way blinds them of the more accurate ways of implementing their plans. If, for example, they stand a greater chance to earn more from a venture by teaming up with a certain group but they don't feel like working with the said group because of some bizzare or even petty issue that they have, then the team-up will not happen. It is very rare for a Scorpio to yeild to others if it will lead them to a position that will question their consistency and make them look weak. A Virgo male can make them see reason by working their persuasive powers on their partner and explaining the pros in detail.
Scorpio females tend to splurge in material things whereas Virgos are more spend thrift. Scorpio females love comfort and what women doesn't? When a Scorpio female wants to get her hands on something, they go for it and they go for it fast. They tend to think short term when it comes it comfort so again, the Virgo male partner will show them how to carefully plan it to make that comfort last.

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