The Scorpio Children

Scorpio as babies and children


Every child needs as much attention as they can. A Scorpio may need a bit more than the average baby, though. He has distinct qualities that, if not guided towards the right direction, may end up causing problems not only for him but the people around him.

He is an observer. He learns from watching people and how others react from what he does. He doesn't talk much but feeds from what is said to him and how things are said to him. You might want to sit down and do the same if you want to learn how to deal with the Scorpio child. You must observe what he does, from him facial expressions to his body language and whether his eyes squint or go round when watching TV. This way you'll know pretty early what his interests are.

A Scorpio tends to be introverted so, growing up, he needs to be shown a huge load of love and affection. You have to show him how to love the right way. He may be quiet but he has a lot of passion inside him that should be nurtured so he can express it. As a baby you should constantly give him hugs and kisses. The parents touch is the first way to communicate with a baby, it will help him understand you even if he doesn't understand the things that you say yet. Whisper sweet words to him and tell him you love him at the same time. When he gets older, talk to him about his day at school and encourage him to talk about what he thinks and feel about things. This way he doesn't grow detached to you.

Physically, he is aggressive so the parents might want to have him enrolled in different sports activities or other lessons that would use up his energy and at the same time develop him physically and keep him healthy. Mentally, he is a thinker and can grasp things easy. Have him participate in activities in and out of school that will exercise his brain and IQ.

He is competitive. He will compete not for the attention or a prize but for the fact that he could win. A healthy competition is always good but you need to teach him the true value of winning and of rivalry. That he should learn from it and let it strengthen his skills or talent. And that he should not use it as a way to show off.

As a Scorpio, the baby can be intense. He tries to get what he wants, the way he wants it. His parents should learn to discipline him and and show who gets the final say in the house if they want him to listen. On the same note, they must teach him to respect authority and follow rules. It's good to encourage him to speak his mind but as a parent, you should draw the line somewhere and let him know you take serious actions if that line gets crossed. If he does put a toe out of line go on and give some sort of punishment. Take away his video game for a week or his television privileges. When he does good, make sure to reward him either with a junk food friday dinner or a day at the carnival. That way he knows what good and bad can bring him.

At the same time, don't think or act for him. Let him decide on small things on his own. Like what he wants to wear for the day or whether you should have corn and carrots or coleslaw as a side dish for dinner. This will give him the independent feeling that a Scorpio naturally possess. It will also make him confident and feel trusted.

All in all, you have to be sure to encourage and nurture what needs to be in a Scorpio child. Anything good that he has, if not given the right amount of attention and shaping can turn out into something bad. Try to make him feel loved all the time and back him up about his plans. Make sure he feels you are always there for him because he is your baby but he will always be there for you too!


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