A cusp in astrology is when a person's birthdate fall in between two zodiacs. In the case of a Scorpio - Sagittarius cusp, it's people born between November 19 - 24 which is when the two zodiacs meet.

Scorpio and Sagittarius are beside each other on the zodiac wheel but their personalities are worlds apart. We all know the Scorpion is very emotional and sensitive being ruled by the water element. The Sagittarius, on the other hand, is very honest to the point of being callous. They believe in being direct and laying their cards on the table whereas the Scorpio tend to be mysterious because they like to keep to themselves instead of socializing like the air sign Sag. The may could hang out with the same crowd but Scorpio would pick small, intimate crowds anytime over a huge and loud one. It's hard to imagine these two getting along on things so it might be a bit confusing to imagine how these two personalities can be when they're intertwined.

These zodiacs' houses are the 8th and 9th. The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and represents death, beginnings and rebirth. The 9th house, which is ruled by the Archer symbolizes religion, travel and philosophy. Both these signs have deep and intellectual thoughts. They will travel looking for the meaning of life; analyzing every thing that catches their attention. These curious individuals are highly intuitive and enjoy investigating things even if it's only for the sole purpose of learning something new. They enjoy drama and debates, and anything else that can stimulate their brains. They are argumentative and usually has an answer to any word you throw at them.

Another note worthy characteristic of people born on the Scorpio - Sagittarius cusp is their determination. Sags are represented by the Archer; they are direct and go straight for what they want. The Scorpio on the other hand is a fixed water sign and can be stubborn. Once this cusp set their eyes and mind on getting something they will stop at nothing to achieve it. This cusp is an achiever. They will put their best to finish things others have already given up on. They can be pushy especially when things aren't done their way because they are very professional and can get almost obsessive on their goals. Both these signs are independent and although a Scorpio is forever in search of their other half, they won't mind waiting for the right one which will suit their Sag side who wants to enjoy what life has to offer before settling down just fine.

They are complex people and some may see them as sarcastic or controlling but underneath they are motivated and loyal. They can also be very humorous and generous. One only needs to learn to look into them more rather than settle for what they see on the surface. A person born on this cusp will find it easy to succeed at things they choose if they know how to use the strengths of each zodiac to their advantage.


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