Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility


Scorpios will thank their lucky stars, literally, when they meet their Pisces mate. This is a match made in heaven. Both are water signs, the first one is fixed and the other one mutable, they share common interests and everything just comes out naturally between them. Pisces are accepting and are very open. This is very appealing for a Scorpio and will instantly draw their attention. Both of them are intuitive and sensitive. The are very much in touch with their emotional side. In life, the fish tends to go where the water leads them and although both of them are very emotional, a Scorpio has a more practical approach to life and other things. The Scorpio is very organized, especially compared to a Pisces so it's best for them to take charge of things such as finances and any complicated plans involving the future. Of course both should give their opinions about the matter but Scorpios should at least see to it that things are going smoothly specially because Pisces are more of a dreamer and they are known to have their thoughts wander around. Sometimes it's hard for them to separate reality from fantasy. In a way, they are more emotional than Scorpios so they prefer to have someone take care of them. And that is a job a Scorpio is more than willing to do. A Scorpio likes to be in charge in relationships so this will work for them. Overall, this is a relationship that is envied by a lot of people.


The Scorpio probably has two romantic flaws. One is their possessiveness and obsession about loyalty and trust. This will not be a problem, though, because the fish also values the same things so instead of seeing it as a hindrance to their relationship, a Pisces will see this a form of security. In a way, Pisces can also be possessive but they are more flexible than a Scorpio and are very understanding. The second problem is that he doesn't show what he feels easily. A Pisces does and would expect the same from a partner. Although Scorpios are naturally defensive and secretive, a Pisces will sooth their worries so it will be easier for the latter to put their guard down and open the door to their thoughts and feelings. They know when to be patient and how much patience they need in order to calm a hurt or irate Scorpio. Both these signs love to pamper. They put their partner before them so they know how to appreciate what one does for the other. A Pisces is very loyal and would give everything they have for a relationship. The Scorpio compliments that by being very protective and devoted. Emotionally, they are both needy and love to be reminded how much their partners love them so there will be no problem in this area because both of them works to let their partners know they are appreciated.


These two take sex very seriously. For one, they are the type who likes getting to know a person before jumping in bed with them. Although they don't mind playing around they understand the respect and maturity that both of them needs to be able to be in any type of sexual relationship. In terms of passion and intensity they don't have a problem because they both enjoy seeing they can give pleasure to each other. Overall, this is a very promising match.


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