Scorpio and libra Compatibility

Scorpio and libra Compatibility


Couples work for a common goal. Being beside each other on the zodiac chart, Scorpio and Libra has the same goals in life. It is what attracts them to each other. They are very ambitious and would go out of the way to get what they want. The problem lies with their approach. They can have the same intentions but their approach is very different that it poses a lot of problem in every which way you can imagine. There's a lot of sacrifices to be made and effort to be exerted if these two wants to stay together. They have a very different way of getting to their intended destinations. You can say it's like a couple who are on a road trip; the man wants to use the map and the woman just wants to ask directions. A lot of their views are the exact opposite. A Scorpio likes to think they are right all the time and, most of the times, they are. Their attitudes differ too. A Libra is talkative and the Scorpio can be very quiet. The latter has a very secretive nature whereas Librans believe cards should be laid out on the table. Libra is a bright day whereas the Scorpio is the brooding night. The Libra is a partier and likes hanging out with friends. They also want to be the center of attention. A Scorpio, although usually introverted and prefer small crowds, also likes to be the center of attention from time to time so this could create a conflict. A Libra can be good for a Scorpio because they are objective. It will annoy a Scorpio because they can be very subjective when deciding so a Libra should be patient and find ways to make their partner see why they should be fair. A Scorpio, to put it bluntly, should cut Libra some slack. If they can adapt to each other's personalities there is a chance for this relationship to develop and mature overtime. factor. Scorpios can be subjective and will only hear what they want to hear.


On the romance department, there is a much slimmer chance for this partnership to make it through. These two are some of the most romantic individuals, yes. They are hopeless romantics and would splurge for their loved ones but that doesn't mean this is going to be a smooth relationship. They are both looking for love but for a Scorpio, love is much more than a feeling, it involves a bond and union of souls. Kindred spirits out to explore each other. They don't mind waiting for that person to come along. The Scorpio is more emotional than a Libra. They can be very intense, devoted and passionate. A Libra, on the other hand, takes things a bit more lightly even on the love department so that will cause a huge problem for them. The thing with Libra is that they are in love with the thought of being in love but often times they find themselves not too serious about relationships. They look for more. Another thing that poses a problem is that a Libran tend to flirt a lot. Most of the times they don't even realize it. They are people pleasers so they try hard to be on the good side of people. A Scorpio partner is very jealous to the point of being possessive so they won't appreciate the Libra being chummy with others. This is not the most promising partnership there is. struggle. It's highly unlikely to work out.


A simple gaze from a Scorpio can make a Libra's blood boil. They love Scorpio's fierceness, confidence and dominance in bed. In the long run, though, the Scorpio will want to ask for something deeper like a commitment and Librans take time before they decide if they are ready for that or of they want to at all. They are a romantic bunch, yes, but they also like to play and enjoy their freedom and that just won't do with a Scorpio.


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