Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility


Simply put, this is a match made in heaven. A lot of similarities are shared by these two zodiacs and even their differences are appealing to each other. For starters, a Scorpio is full of confidence and are very independent whereas a Cancer is often insecure and needy. Most people see the latter's characteristics undesirable. A Scorpio, on the other hand, would see it as a chance to put their protective instincts in practice. These two have a bond that stretches to all emotional, physical and intellectual levels. Their emotional level has the same depth so they will understand that they want to be with each other, talk to each other and have each other around all the time. It is one of the things that attracts them to each other and will be one of those that will keep them together. In financial matters, the Scorpio will take over. A Cancer has the tendency to splurge without thinking long term. They can be very intellectual but they let their emotions rule over them. A Scorpio has more sense to save or at least plan their spending so they will to step in which is not a problem for the Cancer. A Cancer aims to please whereas the Scorpios goal is to provide. Not that a Scorpio would let a Cancer (or anyone for that matter) push them around but the latter knows what to do to make a Scorpio bend to their whims. They just have a way to convince the mysterious and fixed Scorpio. A Cancer, although very dependent, likes to have things their way but they don't have any problems with a Scorpio dominating them. In fact, they actually prefer for their partner to take charge. They will find heaven in the guarding arms of the Scorpio.


As far as love goes, both of these signs would give all they have for the right person. They are both sensitive and possessive but a Cancer is more so. This only makes the Scorpio feel secure about Cancer's love and devotion for him. Looking closely, that is the only thing that a Scorpio looks for in a partner; love, loyalty and someone to take care of him in a . So, YES, a Cancer is jealous, often too much, but this will not be a problem because they prove themselves worthy of trust of the Scorpio. Besides, the Scorpio himself is the jealous type. The Cancer is like a balm that would soothe the often uptight Scorpio. Whatever stresses a Scorpio evaporates when the Cancer is around. In return they put all the Cancer's insecurities vanish with a few words or a simple touch. These two doesn't socialize too much. They prefer the company of each other over anyone else. These two will spend long weekends together away from everyone and it doesn't matter if they go out of town or stay indoors.


The sexual chemistry between these two will be explosive. For Scorpio it is all about passion and for Cancer, it's all about sensitivity. Those two combined means there will never be a dull moment in the bedroom. As with almost everything, the Scorpio will want to be the dominant one in bed. He tends to be more kinky than the Cancer and the latter, being a pleaser will try to learn what the Scorpio wants from them. All in all, this is a great match. They are soul mates and best friends and they will find this relationship is bound to lead in marriage.


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