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Possible Scorpio Careers

A person's career can only be determined by the individual; it is their choice. Their characteristics can help in finding out what type of career it i that they want, though. If you're a Scorpio and you haven't decided you would want to look into your strong points. The key factors that make you keep going. Scorpios are known to be passionate in whatever they put their minds on but they have certain characteristics that may not be unique to themselves and for some may be just another ordinary trait but that helps the Scorpio succeed in their chosen field.

First, Scorpios are born leaders. They have the drive and initiative to finish projects that are presented to them. They tend to be perfectionists and won't take things that can be considered "fine", the finish product they or their team creates should be flawless. They try to infect people that they work with with their drive either through coaching or incentives. Scorpios can be motivational speakers. They may seem like they sulk a lot because they tend to like being alone but they also tend to know what to say and when to say it. They can motivate people, especially people they work with to do more than what they already are. Being perfectionists they can also work as copy editors whether for publishing firms or the media for example. They are very thorough, plans each step of their process and makes sure they follow those process they (or the company) created.

Scorpios are naturally curious and always want to know more than what is presented to them. They could make great researchers whether for offices that deals with statistics or laboratories looking to improve life through studies they conduct.They don't stop when they find out something, they go all the way to find out more. They also tend to doubt a lot of things and they have this instinct that tells them to dig deeper. For that reason they can make good journalists or private investigators as these tend to not take things at face value. They can also make good staff for law firms because these do a lot of research, especially those that handle criminal cases. Also, since they are very good at keeping secrets, there will be no worries about confidentiality as they live by this code. Scorpio, among any other zodiac are mysterious and trustworthy. Tell them a secret and they'll guard it with their lives until the time you tell them it's ok to blab about it.

Scorpios have a knack for the arts. They know how to appreciate fine arts and most of the time know how to make them too. What's even better is that their art comes in many forms. Case in point, I have Scorpio friends who paints well, another who can immortalize a moment through their camera lenses, and even one who uses food to express their artistic side.

Again, for the Scorpio, it's all a matter of putting their mind into what they want because they already have the passion to drive them to succeed.

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