Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Keeping A Scorpio Happy With You

Sweet and dedicated as they are, Scorpio people aren't the easiest ones to please. They are, in fact, one of the most picky signs on the zodiac wheel. It's hard to get their attention to begin with; it's even harder to get their trust not to mention make them fall in love. If you think all the work ends once you win them over you're dead wrong. Being in a relationship with a Scorpio can be a continuous process of pleasing your partner and proving yourself. Scorpios are strong willed and like to have things done their way. You can't say they're selfish, though, because they make up for the demanding demeanor by giving the best they can to those who show them loyalty. When Scorpios fall in love, they go all out.

Here are a few simple guidelines to make the most out of your relationship.

1) Compliment them. Always. Not just for their physical appearance. Scorpios are also vain and want to look their best at all times. They try to look presentable at the least when they go out of the house and yes they love hearing you tell them "You look great tonight!" but she also wants to hear you tell her she did a good job at making dinner or that it was sweet of him to pick you up at work when it was raining. Scorpios are very ambitious and are go getters but a lot of times it's those little things that mean so much for them. A few simple words, a smile, a kiss or even a thank you card is something they'd cherish for a long, long time.

2) Be loyal. This goes without saying actually. Scorpios can be the most loyal partners but they require you to be the same. They need to feel the dedication they are very much willing to give. They are naturally suspicious too so you might want to avoid doing anything that will make them doubt your fidelity.

3) Lots of intimacy. By now, you should know that Scorpio is the most sexual sign there is owing to their house which represents rebirth and regeneration. Don't hesitate to kiss them in public, they find that exciting and even sweet. If you're shy in bed try to come out of your shell. Scorpios won't mind teaching you a few tricks but it takes two to tango so you should come up with your own "moves" if you get the drift.

4) Show them understanding. Their cool and calm facade may give them the non caring aura but they are very much affected with things going on around them. They try to be sensitive of others' feelings because they themselves are sensitive too. They the most easily misunderstood zodiac so you have to open your mind and see way past the exterior. They do care, they just don't want to do it out in the open because they fear they will be vulnerable to pain. They are scared of getting hurt so they only open up to people who they trust and if you can't understand them it will be hard for them to trust you.

5) Make them feel needed. It's almost the same as complimenting them but this time make sure they feel that the things they do are part of the daily grind. That your day won't be complete without them doing those things. They are very independent and they feel the need to take care of their partners in a lot of things.

You don't need super powers to keep them happy and satisfied in this relationship. You don't have to do all the work too. Again, sometimes it's those little things that mean so much and for Scorpios, we know it's true.

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