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Scorpio.. Traits and More...

Whether you are looking for a Scorpio as a future mate, a love relationship or just as a friend, you need to be aware of some of the personality traits that are common with those born under this sign. The Scorpion gets along best with those who are born under the signs of water and air such as Cancer and Pisces, but that doesn't mean they cannot form a bond with other signs as well. You want to make sure you know the entire personality of the Scorpion About Libra who is your friend, co-worker or lover in order to be able to form the type of bond that will be lasting.

One of the most common personality traits of the Scorpio and the one that nearly all Scorpios possess is that of organization and hate of clutter and dirt. Even in the workplace a Scorpion will be adamant about keeping his or her work area clean, neat and organized. There is no easier way to bring out the wrath in a Scorpio than being disorganized and dirty. Of course, he or she may not show the anger will let you know they are unhappy with the status quo. For instance, those who live with a Scorpio must expect to receive a severe tongue lashing if they fail to complete a chore when they are asked such as taking out the trash and don't even think of leaving your towel or dirty clothes on the floor after your shower!

Scorpios are also very secretive and in need of their private time. This can sometimes cause problems for those who are used to being around people who openly express their feelings. While the Scorpio will do that when it feels right to him or her, it is not something in which a Scorpion will always engage. If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you must respect the need for privacy and secrecy. On the same level, a Scorpio is very emotional and has very strong ties to friends and family. The need for protecting that which he or she holds dear is very strong and real.

A Scorpio is self-confident and strong-willed which can sometimes create problems when interacting with other people. At the same time this sign will close off completely when experiencing hurt, especially in the romantic sense. This trait can create problems that may not exist for others who are more likely to be forgiving and more likely to move past any hurt they experienced in the past. Once you hurt a Scorpio the healing process may take a long time because while a Scorpio may not fall in love easily, it is deep and lasting with the potential for emotional scars very strong.

A Scorpio is very protective of those he loves which may sometimes seem like possessiveness or even jealousy. Those who are involved with Scorpios will soon understand to differentiate between those emotions in order to understand and react appropriately. This understanding will help everyone including friends and coworkers avoid unnecessary conflict.

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Aries Compatibility
Let's face it, fire and water isn't the best match to consider. The water element Scorpio is very emotional and attached whereas the fire ruled Aries can be callous and sometimes detached. A Scorpio can also hold grudges for a long time so something that an Aries says innocently. They have the tendency to have long term disagreement and this will lead to a bad breakandup. On the good side both signs are intelligent and they will find their conversations very entertaining and intellectual. They also have a lot of energy and have fun finding ideas to use it. Sexually, they are both experimental and adventurous. Neither wants to be controlled though so that may be a problem. What the Aries needs is to be more sensitive to a Scorpio's needs and emotions so as not to hurt their feelings (or worse, egos); on the other hand, the Scorpio should try to talk about issues and avoid holding grudges. Communication is one key, they need to sort out whatever issues they have before the end of the day and, for example, be more open about how they feel about how each other acts or speaks. If not, they may be doomed to a terrible end.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility
There is a strong physical attraction between these two. Sexually they will have great ideas they want to try. This may be the biggest thing that binds them together, though. Taurus are simpler or less complex in more ways than one. They are independent a can carry on on their own. A Scorpio is more attached and gets more in depth when involved. Although both signs are very possessive, a Scorpio is more clingy and jealous. There are very few similarities between the two but probably the most common is that they are both dominant and very stubborn. When they set their minds on and believe in something they will fight with their claws to prove they are right or at least get the point through. These two will have to learn how to bend over and compromise to make things work out. This relationship may be short lived.

Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility
This is a case of opposite attracts. These two have very little in common but can make a relationship work out if they are both willing to. A Gemini is an extrovert and a social butterfly. Although a Scorpio likes to hang out with people too he or she is more attached to their lover and thus wants to spend their time alone with each other rather than be with others. Sexually they can satisfy each other but they need to work on more than that to make things work out. There will be a lot of adjustments to make. A Gemini can be fickle, superficial and light hearted; they have varied interests that they don't know where to begin or what to finish. A Scorpio on the other hand is more serious,demanding and passionate. If anything, a Gemini can teach the Scorpio to have fun and lighten up a bit whereas a Scorpio can teach gemini to be more focused and have purpose.

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility
Well, these two are both water signs and they will most likely get along well. They have a lot of things in common and will find it easier to bond with each other. While some signs consider Scorpio as demanding and jealous, a Cancer can be the same way or even more intense. The jealousy a Cancer possesses may be good though because the Scorpio will feel secure about the relationship. A Cancer is a very devoted partner, a trait that a Scorpio looks for because he doesn't want to feel jealous. On the other hand, a Scorpio's possessiveness and demands is what a Cancer truly wants. A Cancer needs to have someone walk with them through life. Someone who will share the good times and hardships they experience. Good thing the Scorpio will not feel this clingy trait. If he does he will welcome it. This partnership is great for long term relationship and even marriage.

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility
This is a very difficult relationship that involves a lot of compromising and adjustments, if it even works out at all. Both signs are very proud and have strong opinions that they are not afraid to voice out. Ironically, this common trait that bring them together (because they are attracted to strongandwilled characters) is the same thing that can break them apart. They have are passionate about what they believe in and are even the type that will claw their way to win arguments. It can be good for a Leo, he argues for the sake of argument but a Scorpio wants to be on top and thrives to be on top so if neither of them backs down, even an innocent debate might bed up really bad. A Scorpio is loyal and looks for the same which he or she will find with the Leo but a Leo's loyalty and emotions isn't as intense as the Scorpio's.

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility
There is potential for these signs. They are both practical and would analyze every situation or even people before they charge on and face the challenge. A Scorpio may consider a Virgo too timid, though, especially when it comes to the sexual department. Virgo tends to find a Scorpio too much on that regard. But the bigger problem these two will encounter is that Scorpio thinks Virgo lacks commitment and even if he or she has proved that Virgo is loyal, there is a tendency that there is still doubt about this loyalty. A Virgo is sensitive and can find a Scorpio too harsh at times especially when the latter is voicing out opinions. A Virgo would want to keep his or tact and prefer to view both sides of the story first before reacting. Also, a Virgo being detached can find it hard to understand why Scorpio makes a fuss about constantly proving loyalty and devotion. These two can be good friends at best.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility
Both signs want the same thing but they have a different approach or level of intensity when it comes to wanting it. A Libra is in love with the thought of being in love so he or she will always be on the lookout for that special someone. It's very easy for them to fall in and out of love. Scorpio however looks for love but will only bother going out with people who they think are worthy. A Scorpio can be a snob in a lot of things and that includes looking for a partner. A Libra, on the other hand, looks for the superficial. Being the social butterfly that he or she is, a Libra may find it hard to impress a Scorpio. Libra flirts a lot and that won't do. Scorpio will be constantly jealous which Libra can find suffocating. This is not the best romantic partnership there is.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility
Born with the same sign, they will have a lot of things in common. Almost everything, actually. They will both value each other's loyalty and devotion. Both having the same work ethics, values in life and sexual prowess, they can entertain each other perfectly. They may have a problem keeping the fire alive out side of the bedroom. Also, there will be a problem when they realize they may they have too much in common. Each has very strong opinions and if these don't jive it might turn into an ugly fight. Both will be dominant and possessive and are highly jealous. This can be tiring. Just thinking about it seems so stressing because they have to give too much and expect the same or even more at the end. Although they have a very great connection, this is not recommended for marriage. Again, they will have great time in the bedroom but that might be the same outside of it.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility
Here's another one of those partnerships that you just feel like it won't work out. Well, any relationship can work out if both parties are willing to help. A Scorpio, as dominant as he or she is, is still going to have a hard time pinning down Sagittarius. This sign is just not the type that would be pinned down. He wants to be always on the go and would avoid serious relationships as much as they can. They flirt a lot and even though they just do this to play a Scorpio will be jealous of whatever advances he makes to the opposite sex. These two's sexual nature will be very enjoyable, though. A Scorpio has a very high energy level that needs to be sated whereas a Sagittarius can be very experimental and try anything once. At best these two are gonna be great partners in bed but it's not a recommended one for a more serious one.

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility
This is a very workable partnership. The main thing that will attract each other is their mysteriousness. Both signs can be very secretive and mysterious that they tend to attract the opposite sex by the hoard although a lot of times both are oblivious to it. Both of these signs love to socialize but mostly in small groups. Both have strong personalities too but even though they are very passionate about their opinions and beliefs the Capricorn is ready to bend a little just as long as he or she proves the Scorpio's loyalty. Loyalty is the main thing that these signs look for in a partner. It is also one of the greatest things they can promise each other. In relationships they are kind of old fashioned and conservative but they can make wild passionate love. They are good for each other sexually, intellectually and emotionally. This partnership is recommended for long term relationships leading to marriage.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility
Sexually they will have something out of the extraordinary. A Scorpio has a lot of energy and an Aquarius has a great imagination that they can explore. But that might be the only extraordinary thing in this partnership. An Aquarius is a social butterfly though and have so many friends of all genders that the Scorpio may find too much. He or she will also get jealous of the Aquarius' friends. An Aquarius loves freedom and a Scorpio wants someone more domesticated. They will also find Aquarius' unpredictable moods a turn off. An Aquarius, however, is more rational than an intuitive and emotional Scorpio. Both signs are not only opinionated, they are stubborn too. In a relationship someone must learn to back off once in a while and neither of these signs are open to that. There is a lot of adjustments and changes to be made for this relationship to flourish. It is not expected to last long, though.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility
One of the best matches a Scorpio can ever have is a Pisces. They are both ruled by the element water to begin with. They are very deep and emotional people and will see each other eye to eye when it comes to relationships. A Scorpio believes that loyalty is the best way to measure their love and devotion. He is very jealous and possessive but that won't mind the Pisces a bit. Pisces will welcome this trait and will feel more loved when shown jealousy. It is a way for them to feel secure because for them, love comes with jealousy. A Pisces is intellectual but needs a Scorpio to steer him or her to the right direction. They won't mind bending their opinions a bit though, once they hear a Scorpio out. Both signs are intuitive, emotional and deep. This partnership is very ideal for long term relationships leading to marriage.

Attract a Scorpio Man or Woman

Attract a Scorpio Male

If you're trying to attract a Scorpio man, it can be a very frustrating and trying experience to say the least. However, by following some simple tips, you can learn what will work and what will turn him away.

1.Pay very close attention to the things he likes. This means you want to watch him and note the kind of clothes he wears, the hobbies in which in participates and any other activities or hobbies he might indicate he enjoys. By learning as much as you can about him you will be able to understand the kind of person he is inside and out.

2.Practice being mysterious. In otherwise, keep him guessing rather than telling him everything he wants to know. All men like a woman who is mysterious, but especially the Scorpio who has a naturally mysterious nature. Give him a reason to keep coming back because you don't tell him all your secrets at once.

3.Make it a practice to dress up. That doesn't mean you have to wear a business suit and high heels, but you need to practice good hygiene know the occasions on which to dress up. You also want to make sure your hair and nails always look nice. Choosing a nice perfume will also help you attract a Scorpio man.

4.Since the Scorpio is very intense and passionate about the things in which he believes, he will be attracted to a woman who also shares the same intensity. That doesn't mean you have to act weird or take things to the extreme, but you do want to be passionate about anything you do and in which you believe.

5.Be independent and confident. Remember, the Scorpio is self-confident and headstrong. You want to show him you are independent and confident rather than someone who will be a 'clinging vine.' Scorpio men like women who have a strong personality and exercise independence. Throw away the 'shy little girl' attitude, it will not attract a Scorpio.

These are only the main things that will help you land a Scorpio man. You also need to learn to carry yourself well by making sure you prepare ahead of time for a date. That will help you relieve the stress that is the result of not knowing what to wear and less stress means you will be a more confident and relaxed person for the entire day or evening. The worst thing you can do with a Scorpio man is to attempt to act dumb or stupid because you think this is the type of woman he wants. Be yourself and speak and act with the intelligence you possess. Scorpio men like women who are intelligent and not afraid to speak their minds. Don't say what you think he wants to hear but rather say what you really mean. He will know if you are not being honest, and honesty is one of the most important traits to a Scorpio man.

Attract a Scorpio Woman

1.Scorpio women like men who have a strong personality. They are attracted to the true blue alpha male type rather than those who are shy and foreboding. They love men who are confident, know what they want and are willing to do whatever they need to do in order to reach their goals. Scorpio women are also intensely passionate and not afraid to take chances. She will find danger quite exciting and will not hesitate to play with fire. If you capture the heart of a Scorpio woman, you will find the experience intense, passionate and exhilarating all at the same time.

2.Scorpio women are oozing with sex appeal; whenever they enter the room they stand out from everyone else. Their charm and sexy aura makes them different and as such makes them completely irresistible to men. Since Scorpio women tend to be so hot and sexy, they want men who are just as hot. That doesn't mean 'hot' in the looks department, but you must have some definite sex appeal if you expect to attract the attention of a Scorpio woman.

3.Scorpio women are not attracted to the men who are just sweet and nice; they like someone who has the ability and desire to be somewhat tough and dominant. That doesn't mean they want someone who is controlling, but at the same time they don't want a man who is slow-witted, dense and unsure of himself. You must show her you are confident and independent rather than weak and unsure. Scorpio women want someone who can stand on his own two feet and can handle any situation that may come his way.

4.Scorpio women are also attracted to men who are ambitious. They even find a little tyranny attractive. They dislike men who let people walk all over them and prefer a man who refuses to take crap from anyone but is also able to remain in control at the same time.

5.One trait the Scorpio woman finds attractive when it comes to romance is finding a man in whom the relationship is 'passionate, intense and smoldering.' That doesn't mean she wants a man to be in control, love romance is an essential part of the Scorpio woman, and when she falls in love it is very intense; she believes anything worth doing is worth doing all the way. She is very emotional and relies on intuition and gut feelings a good part of the time. That means you must be loyal and true from the very first day if you want her to remain loyal and faithful to you. and the pleasures that these bring.Libra is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others representing either humans or animals. Many modern astrologers regard it as the most desirable of zodiacal types because it represents the zenith of the year, the high point of the seasons, when the harvest of all the hard work of the spring is reaped. There is a mellowness and sense of relaxation in the air as mankind enjoys the last of the summer sun and the fruits of his toil. Librans too are among the most civilized of the twelve zodiacal characters and are often good looking. They have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures that these bring.

Scorpio and Relationships

One of the things you will discover about Scorpios is they are very intense people. It doesnt matter what type of relationship is involved, there is always the possibility of a conflict when Scorpios are involved. One of the reasons this may happen is because they are so sensitive that they take things personally even if they are not meant in a negative way. For someone who is used to joking around with friends and calling them names playfully this can be a new piece of land on which to tread. You cannot play with the feelings of Scorpios because once you hurt their feelings they will not forgive you.

The jealous nature of Scorpios is not always one of being possessive but rather of being protective toward those they love. The key is for those who are involved with Scorpios in a romantic, business or friendly relationship to understand the Scorpios intent in order to prevent any verbal or physical conflict occurring because of the jealousy of the Scorpio. It is important to understand the way the Scorpios mind works in order to know what the mindset is at the time of any actions he or she may perform.

Scorpios can be problematic in the workplace not because they are not hard workers they are but because they do not always exhibit the ambition to move forward unless you provide them with motivation. Unlike some of the other signs, they are ambitious only if there is someone there who is prodding them along, telling them they can do it and praising them along the way. They dont take criticism very well, so you have to choose on which side of the fence you are going to stand and stay on that side. As someone in a relationship with a Scorpio you want to be able to encourage them to do all those things they are capable of doing.

Scorpios are also very mysterious because they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. To some people this may appear they are cold and withdrawn, but in reality it is just a part of the personality of Scorpios. They also do not fall in love easily, so anyone who is attempting to develop a love match with a Scorpio must be willing to wait it out. Unfortunately they are also very mistrusting, so once you gain the trust of a Scorpio you must maintain that trust or you will lose it forever.

While Scorpios can be your best and most loyal friends and coworkers, they can also be your worst enemies. They are quick to show anger and often become angry in order to cover up hurt. On the positive side they are very creative and do well as writers, orators and other types of positions that allow them to exert their need to be in control. The key issue for those who are in any kind of relationship with a Scorpio is to allow him or her to maintain control and always treat the Scorpio with love and respect.

Seducing The Scorpio

Seducing the Scorpio Man
The Scorpio man is very sexual, so many people will tell you just to take off your clothes and go on with it. There is no need to really attempt to seduce a Scorpio man because you will know from the start if it wants you by the way he looks at you. The long, intense gaze he gives you will allow you to feel the vibes and know he is interested. In reality this puts your Scorpio man totally in control. Of course, you have to remember something about a Scorpio man: if you expect to get him into bed, there must be more than just a physical attraction. Because of the intense ings a Scorpio man feels, he needs an emotional attraction to the woman who succeeds in seducing him. He wants a sexual experience that extends beyond simply physical fulfillment. He doesnt want a sexual experience that only fulfills his physical needs; he wants the total emotional experience as well. In order to seduce a Scorpio man you will have to bare your soul in order to allow him the experience of making love to your body and soul. One of the things you must remember about a Scorpio man is he must be in control. In order to seduce him you must be willing to surrender in many areas or at the very least make him think he is in complete control. You need to show him plenty of affect and trust even though it may take a great deal of time for him to reciprocate. The key is to first learn about the Scorpio man and then work on learning how to seduce him. You cannot have one without the other. One of the most important things you need to learn is Scorpio men are unlike any of the other astrological signs. These men are deep, intense and extremely independent. At the same time they exhibit an enormous amount of loyalty and resourcefulness. They also have highly dynamic personalities. Most Scorpio men want to be in complete control of the business and financial sides of their lives. While they can exhibit signs of jealousy even to the point of it being unreasonable-they tend to also possess extreme loyalty.

There are several things you can do in order to help you seduce a Scorpio man including the following:

1)It is important to be playful. Scorpio men love a woman who is playful, so you want to make sure you lighten the mood of things by enjoying yourself. This will allow you to play into the playful nature of the Scorpio man.

2)You want to make sure you feel sexy about yourself. No man can possibly be attracted to a woman who doesnt feel sexy about herself-this is even more important when you are attempting to attract and seduce a Scorpio man.

3)Scorpio men love the visual side of women, so you want to dress sexy in order to tease him with visual stimulation. Find an outfit that looks great on you and play into his fantasies.

Seducing the Scorpio Woman

One of the first thing you need to know about a Scorpio woman is she is sexy, dazzling and extremely stunning, so if you are interested in one woman in particular or just want to attract Scorpio women in general, it is essential to learn and practice the art of seduction. There are several methods you can use to enhance your sexual attraction and thus accomplish your goal of seducing a Scorpio woman. The Scorpio woman also possesses a great deal of sex appeal that she may not even realize she has and may sometimes exhibit traces of spontaneous crudeness. Scorpio women are always seeking sophistication, an act that adds great measure to her personal charm. She also possesses a great deal of sexual energy which she will need to learn how to cope with throughout her life. She has to learn to recognize her sexual energy, become familiar with it so she can manage it and contribute to it. While this may look like an easy task, this is far from reality. Never attempt to avoid a Scorpio woman or underestimate her capabilities. She is one tough female who is clear-cut without any outdated ideas however, she sometimes doesnt find the courage necessary to perform. If she chooses to follow her heart she will exhibit an exceptional female presence, one that she has had since adolescence combined her tendency to become extremely physical and confrontational. When you put all of this together you have an exciting woman with a rather strange vocabulary.

The Scorpio woman knows what decisions she needs to make and the proper way to act in any given situation; she is able to stand on her own two feet and manage on her own. She is able to thrill with her touch and the movements of her body. Her fingers provide stimulation and she has wayward breasts with an appealing stomach and thighs that have the flavor of eroticism. Any attitudes of disorder, abandon and the waiting for the culmination of the sexual act fit into her perfectly because of the native gifts she possesses within her. Scorpio women may be the most seductive of all the signs, but they are also the most difficult to seduce because of their desire to possess rather than be possessed. However, keep in mind if you are able to conquer a Scorpio woman she will provide you with exactly the type of relationship you need and desire. One way to begin is to wear something dark blue and wear cologne that includes fragrances of rosemary, ginger or black pepper among its ingredients. Dark blue is a Scorpio womans favorite color and she will find the cologne sexually stimulating.

You want to remember that Scorpio women have high libidos, so if you want to send her passion flying high, invite her to your place for dinner. Include known aphrodisiacs like oysters, asparagus and avocado before topping it off with chocolate mousse to eat or take to the bedroom. Keep in mind these women are unpredictable and do not like anything that is predictable. If you want to continue your relationship with a Scorpio woman, you need to keep the dates interesting and add an aura of mystery.

Scorpio Matches

Best match for a Scorpio Woman

For the Scorpio woman the quest for love can be a difficult one based solely on their nature as being inflexible yet loving. They are very strong-willed with a strong determination to do anything that suits their fancy at the time. When a Scorpio is in a romantic relationship she wants to be in charge, to dominate her partner while still enjoying the relationship. The Scorpio is also a very covetous and selfish creature by nature, something that would prevent her from getting along with a Leo man who would not be attracted to a woman who possessed those traits. On the other hand, a Scorpio woman could have a very strong romantic relationship with an Aries man, but the match in general is not a good one. The reason for this is because both Scorpio and Aries like to dominate their partners. According to compatibility charts, Scorpio women are quite compatible with Cancer men because of their need to feel safe and secure. The very nature of a Cancer man would ensure that the relationship became and remained very strong.

A Libra man is not a good match for a Scorpio woman because of some serious negative personality traits: Libras careless nature and Scorpios jealousy. The compatibility charts indicate a Scorpio woman would get along best with a Taurus man because of these signs possess the same emotional attitude and can depended upon to remain loyal and faithful to their perspective partners and the relationship in general. The compatibility charts also indicate a Scorpio woman would get along well with a Capricorn man because these special men have the necessary qualities it takes to endure the dominating nature of the Scorpio woman. Unfortunately the same does not hold true for a match between Scorpio women and Gemini; the Gemini is interested in the development of life conditions while the concerns of the Scorpio woman are with the life itself. Scorpio women will also not be able to find compatibility in a love match with Virgo men because their common life requirements are much too diverse to make a good match possible.

While it is natural to assume a Scorpio woman and Scorpio man are the best possible matches, the reality is their possessive and jealous natures may cause problems within the relationship. However, if they are able to work around these personality flaws they may indeed be able to formulate and endure a loving and lasting relationship. The desire of Scorpio women to have a calm and cool life does not make them very compatible with Sagittarius men who love their freedom. Even their domineering nature would prevent them from being able to get a Sagittarius man in her grasp. There is also not likely to be a good love match with Aquarius men either because they love gathering while Scorpio women hate it. The attractive nature of a Pisces man would definitely be something that would provide the Scorpio woman with a wonderful relationship.

Best match for a Scorpio Man

While there are several possibilities for the Scorpio man, the best match for this sign is a Cancer woman. Because both are water signs, they are not only perceptive but also obsessive in the ways they perceive some issues in life. The Cancer female is nocturnal and secretive by nature-in many ways he is like a crab. They also have an intense desire for physical satisfaction which is right in tune with the Scorpio male who possesses a highly passionate nature. While Cancer is extremely overprotective, she will be satisfied by the possessive nature of her Scorpio mate. Scorpio is a sun sign, and males who fall under this sign tend to be very cautious of those things around them. They are also less likely to express their true feelings than males born under other signs. Since the Cancer woman is a calm and enduring individual, she will have no problem safeguarding any of the secrets of her Scorpio man in addition to being able to cater to his highly sensuous nature.

Although a Cancer woman is the best match for a Scorpio man, there are other possibilities as well. In spite of his demanding nature (or perhaps because of it), he is also compatible with Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo women as well as Cancer. A Capricorn female is a very patient individual, and as such, she can be a very interesting match for a Scorpio male. The determination that engulfs the Scorpio male makes a match with an ambitious Capricorn one with a high potential for success. Both Scorpio and Capricorn can overcome any shortcomings they may have when they are faced with making decisions in the realms of power and financial stability. A Capricorn woman is possessive, conventional and practical, all traits that will allow the Scorpio man to experience his wildest physical fantasies when under her spell. Another good match for the Scorpio male is Pisces. They are both water signs, so this match can be one that combines intuition and emotion on the same level. They both have an extreme love for privacy and seclusion in romance, so this match is an ideal one. Pairing Scorpio with Virgo can be a match made in heaven since both are very analytical by nature and extremely active in anything they undertake. This logical and fun-loving girl will add fire to the usually private nature of the Scorpio and satisfy all his cravings and needs.

On the other end of the scope, a match between Scorpio and Aries can be doomed for failure unless one of them agrees to take the back seat. Both of them are extremely domineering, and the secretive Scorpio may have problems keeping pace with the restless and impatient nature of an Aries woman. In addition, she may be unwilling and/or unable to provide him with the emotional support he needs. Other incompatible matches include:

Gemini because of her fleeting emotion. She may cause confusion for Scorpio and thus tempt him to spy on her. The Sagittarius woman is a liberal mover who will not give in to the subtle sentiments and crabby obsession that Scorpio exhibits. Leo is very dramatic and will be not be able to handle Scorpios demanding and secretive nature.

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Breakups with Scorpio

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Scorpio men as a father

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Scorpio woman as a mother

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2014 for Scorpio Women

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2014 for Scorpio Men

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Why Scorpio men are so magnetic

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Famous Scorpio celebrities across the world

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Tips on dating a scorpio man

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What are scorpio men attracted to?

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First Date with a scorpio woman

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Scorpio in Different Houses 2

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Scorpio in Different Houses 1

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Why Does A Scorpio Male Have Mood Swings

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Why Scorpios Make It Big

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The Scorpio Alter Ego

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Are Scorpios Materialistic?

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A Scorpios' Need To Be Left Alone

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Pluto vs. Mars: Scorpio's Identity Crisis

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How Does A Scorpio Sting

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The Scorpio's Sensual Side

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The Scorpio and their Emotions

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How To Communicate With A Scorpio Woman

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Scorpio Sibling Compatibility

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Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Scorpio Boyfriend

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Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Scorpio Girlfriend

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How To Communicate With A Scorpio Man

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How To Handle Issues With A Scorpio Girlfriend

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What Makes a Scorpio Woman Cheat

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Scorpios and Success

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Opposite Poles Attract: A Scorpio Female - Virgo Male Relationship

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Lesbian Scorpio

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The Scorpio Shadow

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Scorpio Woman

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The Scorpio Man

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The Scorpio Mother

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Do Scorpios Get Over Exes?

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Gift Ideas For Scorpio

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Possible Scorpio Careers

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Things To Do When The Sun Is In Scorpio

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Keeping A Scorpio Happy With You

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How To Know A Scorpio Doesn't Love You Anymore

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The Scorpio Mother-In-Law

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Make a Scorpio Woman Fall In love with you

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Scorpio health and Diet

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Scorpio and Libra Cusp

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Scorpio and Sagittarius Cusp

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Scorpio Teenagers

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20 fun facts about scorpio celebrities

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Avoid and handling conflict with your scorpio man

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