Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Each zodiac signs have their own strengths and weaknesses. While some of them are well understood and predictable, most of the Scorpios are largely understood and disliked. Surprisingly they comprise some of the most successful people the world has ever seen; especially the politicians who have made their names and deeds last even after they are gone. Well, if knowing such people can make you a believer in zodiac signs and horoscope, read on to discover more by yourself. It’s all about Scorpios as politicians.

Before we start, let us try to recollect these people from your memory – Mrs Indira Gandhi, Hillary Clinton, Robert F Kennedy, Condoleezza Rice, Senator Joseph McCarthy, Pat Buchanan etc. They are all revolutionists, historians and political leaders who led their countries towards praise and prosperity; and they are Scorpios. 

Scorpios are known to be intelligent, extremely imaginative with logic, self-reliant, intuitive and hypnotic in nature. They know exactly what to say or do in order to get people and situations in their favor.  They seem to be away from the crowd, but they do not miss the information they are concerned about. This is evident from the fact that they are truly involved in everything but strike on the surface only when the time is right to do so.

They are accurate in analysis, smart in research related activities and have capabilities to lead a large team with ease.

When it comes to acquiring power and wealth, they could be manipulative, intimidating and revengeful to the fullest.  These qualities are very evident amongst some of the most terrorizing rulers and politicians of the time.

On the other side, they are much disciplined, committed and take accountability even for the toughest of the jobs which otherwise is not taken up by most people of the other zodiac signs. They make up to be an inspirational figure with their high code of conduct, mannerisms and excellent communication skills. None other than Indira Gandhi, Theodore Roosevelt and Robert F Kennedy are perfect examples for these traits amongst the Scorpio politicians.

Hillary Clinton served as the First Lady of US contributing immensely towards the development of healthcare amenities in the country by initiating various reform activities and policies. She always believed in maintaining personal relationships healthy which in turn would boost a healthy relationship with other nations of the world.

Pat Buchanan is an unforgettable figure in world history. His way of politics was active and passive; active when he went outdoors for public speaking, political gathering and meetings and passive through his commentary, broadcasting, media writing and books. He was a politician who strongly believed that a pen is mightier than the spoken word, yet did not miss an opportunity to use his excellent communication skills and create an excited ambience with his presence.

Condoleezza Rice is a living example of a Scorpio as a politician, diplomat and a political scientist. Her contribution in curbing the terrorist activities and abortion set a milestone for leaders to follow her footsteps.

Scorpio as a politician might look like a social threat but in reality, they are like deep water - calm on the surface but live in strong currents underneath.

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