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Do Scorpios Get Over Exes?

This overly passionate sign can be obsessed about the most trivial things; much more about their relationships. So how do Scorpios handle exes? In two, very extreme ways: one, they never let go, and two, they curse the exes memories to kingdom come. Of course a lot of things would depend on the reason of breaking up.

Scorpios cherish all their relationships. They demand an "it's all or nothing" commitment because that's what they are willing to give. Scorpios give their heart and soul for their partner when they're in love. Naturally, when it's time to break up it will be very hard for them to let go. To begin with, when you have poured all of yourself to make a relationship work it's not going to be easy to walk away from it. For the Scorpio, it will be nearly impossible. In this kind of break up, it is usually the other party who ends the relationship so it will be especially harder to just let it be. This is usually when the Scorpio start to obsess. Not that they are clingy, it's just hard to accept that someone who is a big part of their lives suddenly wants out. The issue will consume them and makes two types of a passionate Scorpio. The first type may try to win the ex back whatever the cost is. Scorpios are fixed signs and they don't take changes in a good light. Expect calls, emails or messages sent through common friends asking if you could talk and work things out. Actually, even if they don't think there's a chance to make the relationship work they will still want to talk and figure out what happened. They will want answers. It may be hard to shake them off but don't look at it that way. Try to put yourself in their shoes rather than judge them. If you understand where they are coming from then maybe you can go your separate ways in peace. Now, Scorpios are known to be subjective especially when they get hurt so them and their asking the ex to try and work it out is actually the better way to deal with it. They may blame you for the break up and everything else that happened throughout a relationship. Remember that this particular water sign doesn't forgive easy much more forget. If they get angry they may go as far as harassing the other person thinking they're just trying to get justice for their broken heart (and ego) so be careful when handling this matter. Tread carefully.

Probably the best Scorpio way of treating their ex is ignoring them. They tend to do this but not because they don't want to be friends with you anymore. Again, someone who has poured every inch of their soul to their partner will have a hard time letting go. If they continue to keep contact they will just find it even harder to move on with their lives. So even if they're not mad and they don't blame you for what happened, it is best that they stay away until they heal.

In a way, Scorpios don't really get over past relationships, they just learn to manage or handle their feelings and the "ex" status. It may take them time but don't push. You don't really want things to end up harshly. It's always nice to be in good speaking terms with someone you shared so much with.

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